Freight forwarding

We provide several kinds of transporttation services: container transportation, multi-modal services etc. Our contract it freght forwardnig contract beacuse it includes as contaner shipping and other kinds of trasportation services if customer wishes to include more complicated kinds of transport services.

Our company "INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS" offers its clients the various kinds of container transport, which significantly reduces the costs of moving goods between countries, and in export-import operations.

Our company specializes on the organization, generally, container transportations of freights. However, we can also accept orders for multimodal (more complex types of transportation).

Multimodal transport means the transport of goods under one contract but performed by at least two modes of transport; the carrier is responsible for the entire transport, even if the transport is carried out by different modes of transport (e.g. by rail, sea and road, etc.). The carrier should not possess all modes of transport and this is extremely rare in practice. Such carriage is often carried out by sub-carriers (in Maritime law referred to as actual carriers). The carrier responsible for the entire carriage is called the multimodal transport operator (MTO).